Book a Drum Lesson

Please read this before your first online drum lesson

Internet Connection 

This is the most important part. Use a tester app to establish signal strength. The closer you are to the router the stronger the signal. If using a laptop/desktop computer, use an ethernet cable to plug directly into the router.

Camera View

Try to position your camera so that I can see the student and their sticks. It can be worth investing in a tripod phone/tablet stand rather than propping the device up against books etc.



It's handy for parents to be nearby if there are technical issues during the lesson or for me to have a quick chat at the end of the lesson. If possible try to avoid the lesson taking place in area where there is lots of background noise or commotion.


Drumming Equipment

Ensure your child has their sticks, book, and any relevant backing tracks to hand. Your child doesn't have to own a drum kit to be able to progress. I do lots of lessons with students using just a rubber practice pad. This is great for gaining better stick control and a deeper knowledge of rudiments.

If your child has an electronic drum kit, ensure the sound is played through a speaker rather than headphones so that I can hear what they're doing.

If you child has an acoustic kit, keep your device at least 2 feet from the drum kit so as not to overload the device's microphone.